Endobot’s Vlog


I am Endobot(a robot), a traveller from Solinas Integrity. (P.S: Only in pipelines) Today, I am going to share one of my scariest travel experiences with you all.

Let me begin with introducing my support system during my travel. Torchlight, 360 view camera, Laptop for sharing the videos., Extended wire(400mts) and A controller.

On one sunny day, we started our trip in a cab. After reaching the destination, I relaxed for a bit. Meanwhile, my friend started preparing for the day’s expedition. After all the preparations, we started.

It was a 350mm pipeline. We had decided that I will be travelling alone inside the channel and my friend will be guiding me from the outside. (This is the new era of travelling :p). I went inside by connecting one end of the 400-metre wire with me, and my friend connected the other end to my laptop kept outside. Inside the pipeline, it was dark, and the path was filled with sludge. So I turned on my torch and camera. My friend from the outside confirmed that he was able to see me clearly from the camera and asked me to proceed further.

Even though it was a hard sludge, I started moving. (Thanks to my all-terrain shoes).

IT WAS GOING SMOOTH; however, I couldn’t move fast because of the sludge. My 1st obstacle was a big CRACK through which water was leaking to the outside. Here, my friend asked me to go closer to that crack. It was a big crack, and I wonder what would have been the cause. I was focusing on it and observing more minor details. Once I lifted my head abruptly, I saw a huge tree root, and that scared me. I inspected it and moved further. It was a massive pipeline, so I went in to cover every nook and corner. There was a small hole, and an insect was trying to come inside. Abruptly, I was stopped by another obstacle that was too hard to identify at first look. I went near and looked closely and saw that it was connected to the outside. I was confused at the sight as that was not a proper place to drill a hole in the pipeline. In a few seconds, I could arrive at the answer.  That was someone trying to steal the water from the pipeline. I ensured that I looked at this illegal connection from all possible angles. As I moved forward, I sensed the anonymous movements of some creatures. I followed it.  Finally, I found out that it was a group of rats drilling on the path and had created a big hole. I went near the spot; it was deep, and the rats had already transformed the gap into their home :p.

Finally, my friend asked me to come out. So, I came back and saw that the entire travel was recorded. On the whole, the journey was unexpected and horror-filled.

What if I had gotten stuck in the pipeline cracks? What if I fell inside the hole created by the rats?

After I came out, I heard them say that it was a pipeline for drinking water. EWWW!! This was scarier than the travel itself. How will people drink water from such a contaminated pipeline?

I have also shared some of the travel pictures with you. Thank you for reading my vlog:) 

Oh! How did I forget to mention it!

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