Sewer Pipelines – Goa


The SIDGCL (Sewage & Infrastructure Development Corporation of Goa Ltd) is responsible for the Sewage Infrastructure in Goa. The contract for this project had been issued to Rockdrill Projects Ltd. by SIDGCL. In order to complete this project, Rock Drill Projects Ltd. hired Solinas on the advice of SIDGCL to check the sewage pipeline and pinpoint the flaws if any.


The two manholes in the final section leading to the sewage treatment plant had a problem with one of them overflowing while the other manhole was dry, which caused the sewage treatment plant to not receive enough capacity than it can handle, which was the SIDGCL’s concern. The pipeline’s hogging and sagging have been identified as the probable issue in this situation. Due to the pipeline being inoperable, they manually examined it to see whether there was any obvious sagging or hogging. They did detect a minor incline, but they were unable to precisely pinpoint where the flaws were.As the piplines were located in the rockbed and there is a significant likelihood of weathering as a result, it was also essential that they correct the flaw before monsoon. resulting in a tight deadline.


With its ability to go up to 250 metres without digging, Endo250s was sent into the pipeline using the launching mechanism to solve this issue. This made it the perfect tool for the job of inspecting the 92-meter pipeline. A minimum of two manholes between the two prior to be built to divide the area of examination, which includes heavy digging and would be a time-consuming and expensive operation if the traditional methods had been employed instead. The inclination calculations were made by the bot based on the pipeline’s conditions during the inspection of the 92-meter pipeline, and the precise locations of the problems were found and marked using GIS software. Due to customer demand, the bot was adapted to do Inclination calculations for the first time and offered helpful suggestions, these inclination calculations help immensely in gravity flow systems which is deployed in almost all old infrastructures and is also additionally used for cost saving in some scenarios. In comparison to traditional procedures, the entire inspection process was 4.2 times faster and 3.6 times less expensive at the least. By employing the Endo250s for this project sparingly, 147 hours and around INR 2,13,000 were saved approximately. With the aid of Solinas, Rockdrill Projects Ltd. was able to check the pipeline using the endobot to obtain the inclination calculations and identify the flaws in the most rapid and accurate possible way.


The outcomes were helpful in addressing the pipeline’s inclination problems and hogging in order to maintain a steady flow to the sewage pipeline. Additionally, recommendations were made to maintain the recommended flow rate and conduct routine inspections.