The Missed Punch

Vehicles were buzzing and horns were blowing all over. There were several huts on the side of the road, and in one of the houses lived a girl named KayalVizhi. She is training for an interstate boxing championship scheduled for the month after. And suddenly, her boxing gloves got torn. She had to buy a new one for the tournament and so asked her dad Rajesh who is a sanitary worker for a new pair of gloves. 

“We don’t even have money for food. How would I have money to buy this glove?”, Said Rajesh

Kayalvizhi continued to practise with the torn glove. However, Rajesh had other plans. He decided to surprise Kayal with gloves by working a few extra hours.

That’s when his friend Ezhumalai got a call to clean a septic tank on Tuesday. He decided to accompany Ezhumalai and earn some extra money. On Tuesday, both of them went for a cleaning and cleared one unit of blockage. Once it turned dark, they returned home.

At home, Kayalvizhi welcomed her father with these words “Only 500, dad, pls buy me this time; I will keep it safe.” Rajesh’s response was the same “No”.

Kayal got upset and went to sleep.

The following day, Rajesh had bought the gloves, kept them in his work bag, and decided to give them after work.

Like the previous day, Rajesh and Ezhumalai went to clear the blockage. Suddenly there was a block, and their tube got stuck inside. Ezhumalai went inside to remove it and he fainted suddenly. Rajesh went inside to lift him, but he also started turning unconscious. Everything around him turned dark.

Tring tring…
Are you Kayalvizhi? 
KayalVizhi: Yes
Pls come to the hospital, your father fainted during work.
Kayalvizhi rushed to the hospital and saw his father lying on the bed with an oxygen mask.
“Your father is no more, these are his belongings”, said the nurse handing over his work bag to her.
Then she opened her father’s bag.
Everything around her turned black
Vehicles were buzzing and horns were blowing all over. 
Creech Creech

Kayalvizhi was cleaning the streets with the broom.

Written by:
Solinas Integrity